Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wood in Tres Huevos

Here is a photo of the wood blocking the middle channel of Tres Huevos on the Upper Jondachi (see previous post for a more detailed explanation).

Sunday, December 24, 2006



Rio Jondachi December 2006
The upper Jondachi is as wonderful as ever but there are some changes from last year.

THE GOOD: Sticky Fingers has blown out and changed from a nasty hole where, if you chumped your boof, you were almost guaranteed a sticky swim. Now it has blown out and the right side is a straight class III move. Some people may lament the loss but I’m not one of them.
THE BAD: A few of the cool boofs are gone as well as one on river right about a half hour down has a tree in it.

THE UGLY: Tres Huevos is back to its old form with an almost unrunable line on the right. In the old days if you felt the need to try that side and blew it, you would have a good chance to wash left and run through a little tunnel between the left and middle huevo (huge boulder). Unfortunately that slot is now full of logs. Be good or eat wood! I found the river left portage quite nice.

UPPER RIO MULATE River time change. The on-river time for the Upper Mulate should be 4-6 hours (a wee bit longer than we originally thought). Don’t let that phase you though, it only means you have longer to enjoy it. I would give it a class IV rating even at low water as well.

QUITO – TENA ROAD WORK: Dec 2006. The good news is that they are back to working at least on a limited scale on the road between Baeza and Tena. The bad news is that the work is causing some traffic delays. So far they workers haven’t settled into a set schedule of times when you can get through. Around lunch time is usually a good bet and so far we haven't had to wait over an hour during the morning.

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